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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Retire Right Now


“Just five more hours until the weekend. I can hardly wait.”“Just five more weeks until my vacation. I can hardly wait.”“Just five more years until retirement. I can hardly wait.”Whenever you catch yourself saying something like this, it’s time to stop and evaluate things. If you are thinking this way too often it means that you are not living a meaningful life in the present. Your work life has become a burden and you are dreaming of escape.


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The thing is, the escape you are dreaming of is usually short-lived or an illusion. The weekend will be over before you know it. The vacation will be a collection of photos and memories before long. As for retirement, well, the fact is we get old quickly in our advancing years, so you don’t want to wait until then to really start living.

To me retirement is about doing what you love. If you are living with passion and doing the things you love, while also embracing the things you don’t necessarily enjoy but recognize as important, you’re living a retirement lifestyle. You have to ask yourself, “ If money were not an issue, what would I be doing?” If the answer is, “What I’m doing right now,” then you have arrived. Loving what you do means that you are always living in the moment instead of waiting for that better moment that always seems to be in the future. Loving what you do every day is an ideal worth pursuing and it is a mindset you can cultivate.

The point is, if you don’t feel that way about what you’re doing—if you don’t feel like you are retired already,  if you’re not energized about the possibilities every day brings, and excited and grateful for the opportunity to engage with them—something is wrong and you need to address it. You shouldn’t just bear with it and wait for the next “escape.”

Life is short. It’s much shorter if you only live it on weekends.

Remember that retirement is the best opportunity to relax and do what you want, where you want and with who you want.

The top ten reasons to retire is a way to look at your own retirement plan. While you may enjoy your work and what you are rewarded from it, you need to take a break and live your life away from that office.
Consider the following reasons to retire:

1. We grow older each day and that means each day the time that we have to enjoy all the wonders of the earth gets a little shorter. There’s no point complaining about it – it’s just a fact of life. Nobody can anticipate what the future holds for us. Life is more than working for a living and paying taxes.

2. Being at your workplace on most days of the week makes you miss a lot of the fun things in life. Have you tried to do anything out of the ordinary like skydiving or bungee jumping? Ever thought about all the hobbies you started but never had time to finish? Retirement is the perfect opportunity to try things that are new and old. If you want to get a head start on those activities remember to consider early retirement.

3. Important to our top ten reasons to retire is that when you are working, the most that you see are the four corners of your office and the way to and from your workplace. You miss out on the opportunity to see the world. By leaving the workforce and retiring you get to see beyond your world and take those trips that you’ve seen in magazines all your life and experience something totally new and amazing.

4. Life forces us to deal with people or situations that we would not necessarily like deal with. Dealing with these people and situations creates a great deal of stress. Once you retire, you can choose the people you want to hang around with.

5. There are events in life that are left to “what-ifs”. You certainly cannot get back time that has already passed, yet you do not necessarily have to live and wonder what if you did things differently. One good reason in the top ten reasons to retire is to make those what ifs a reality. In that way, you live a life with no regrets.

6. Life should not be an endless toil. At the start of your career you may have your goals and as you achieve each of those, they will be replaced by new goals. While you are working you may find that you do not have the time to complete one goal after another. By retiring you give yourself the opportunity to achieve your goals and finally feel that satisfaction you were looking for.

7. Life provides you a lot of things and as you work you continue to receive more. However, it is usually only yourself who benefits from your work. Working too long makes you lose the opportunity to give unto others a part of what you have received. By retiring, you can still get involved socially and be a bigger part of the community.

8. In the top ten reasons to retire remember that nothing remains constant. Not everything will remain as good as they currently are. Retire when you still have the chance to enjoy life. Retire when life still has a lot of good things to offer you. Do not wait too long to retire or you run the risk of not being able to enjoy life to the fullest extent that you can today.

9. Not everyone gets to be the boss. In the workplace, you may be the one of the many employees who works throughout the day for someone else’s rewards. If you are tired from being ordered around, the good news is that you do not have to put up with it all your life!. You can choose to retire and do the things you want in your own terms free from bosses, deadlines and clients.

10. The last of the top ten reasons to retire is that you will have the opportunity to break free from all the mundane routine of life. You can choose to wake up late. You can choose to spend the day tending to your garden, learning how to paint, enjoying your family and friends – the list is really endless. The best thing is that you can choose to do anything to your heart’s content.

Those are just the top ten reasons to retire. At the end of the day it is you who will make the call to retire or not no matter what the reason is. If you are tired and you simply want to live your life, make sure you plan your retirement. You can make up your own top ten reasons to retire and maybe end up with an even longer list, but the way to get there is to make it happen.



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